For her album ‘Transformation’, Lea Birringer approaches Johann Sebastian Bach and his musical heritage over the span of centuries and explores some of the great compositions that have been created with Bach as a guide and role model.

' ingenious programme celebrating the seemingly inescapable creative impact of Bach’s solo violin music.' (The Strad)


Transformation - Lea Birringer


24 September | Rubicon Classics

The starting point of her musical expedition is the third Partita by Bach, which lays the foundation for the pieces that follow with its baroque dance movements. 

Alongside Bach's Partita, she has chosen works for solo violin by Max Reger, Lera Auerbach, Ernst-Lothar von Knorr and Eugène Ysaÿe, which span from the Baroque to the present day. The characteristics of Bach's dance movements are integrated in these works in their own unique way.

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'In Eugène Ysaÿe’s Sonata at the latest, Lea Birringer dives into undreamed-of poetic depths, interiorizing and penetrating the musical material in a breathtaking manner. She achieves the same in Lera Auerbach’s par.ti.ta from 2007, basically conceived as a deconstruction of Bach’s compositional art, but in this interpretation above all a sublimation of the Thomaskantor’s mastery.'

Pizzicato magazine, 16 October 2021


Eugène Ysaÿe

Sonata no. 2 - Les Furies


J. S. Bach

Partita No. 3 - II. Loure

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